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Have you ever visited a city, a museum or gallery while on holiday, and walked around, seeing the sights and exhibits, but only superficially and then left, feeling somewhat disappointed? There was something missing. You gave of your time and money to get to that country/city and then failed to get true value.

Get more from your visit by taking a guided tour. Expert, local tour guides throughout Ireland can use their knowledge and expertise to make your visit more interesting and memorable. They can tell stories about the history and characters of a place and show you the hidden gems which are not in the guide books. They can give the background to the places, pictures and people such that you can make a deeper connection with what you are seeing.

Buy your tickets online. This can usually reduce time spent queuing, help get your the best price and ensure your place. Don't arrive without a ticket to find that you can't get in because the venue or the tour is full.